7 December, 2018 17:46

Could you spare a few moments to thank someone

that does something for you almost every day?

This is a very easy to make gift, that is well received.

A treat filled bag is sure to brighten their day!

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5 December, 2018 11:58

Pretzel Hugs are super easy to make, perfect when your little ones want to help too. Simply place pretzels on parchment paper, on a baking sheet. Place an unwrapped Hug Chocolate Kiss on top and melt in oven at 250 degrees for about 4 minutes. Top off with an M&M, pressing down at the same time. That’s it. Let them sit a bit on a plate lightly covered.
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28 November, 2018 10:46

Stuff that stocking! Our list is soon to post with lots of ideas.

In the meantime here is a FREE printable camping word search for you.

Just add a pencil and tie up with ribbon.

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27 November, 2018 15:26

Whether you are camping in a tent or fancy motorhome, it really stinks when you head outside for an outdoor dinner and those pesky mosquitos start showing up. You can surely relate. This is a cool camping item that would make a great gift. The Enkeeo Mosquito Repellant and LED Lantern, all in one. You can find them on Amazon for under $20.00. #Helenarv #mosquitos #holidaygift #camping #tent #outdoors

23 November, 2018 17:47

Here is a great gift idea for the camping guy that has everything. Well, everything except Lynx Levelers. These make leveling a breeze and come with a 10 year warranty! Just don’t forget to register online. They also come in a handy carryall bag. Available at Helena RV!

17 November, 2018 13:32

Fall camping is the best! Chilly nights with cocoa and maybe a little something else in with it *wink, S’mores, hot Dutch oven dishes.

Did you know you can purchase a camper as low as $120 a month (O.A.C).

Terms are available up to 15 years! If you have been wishing and hoping,

come on in or you can apply securely online at www.helenarv.com

16 November, 2018 10:52

A special Thank You goes out to Potomac School for sending in a load of beautiful pictures and long letters to our service men and women. We will forward those today to "A Million Thanks" and they will get those delivered.

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