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7 December, 2018 17:46

Could you spare a few moments to thank someone

that does something for you almost every day?

This is a very easy to make gift, that is well received.

A treat filled bag is sure to brighten their day!

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5 December, 2018 11:58

Pretzel Hugs are super easy to make, perfect when your little ones want to help too. Simply place pretzels on parchment paper, on a baking sheet. Place an unwrapped Hug Chocolate Kiss on top and melt in oven at 250 degrees for about 4 minutes. Top off with an M&M, pressing down at the same time. That’s it. Let them sit a bit on a plate lightly covered.
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28 November, 2018 10:46

Stuff that stocking! Our list is soon to post with lots of ideas.

In the meantime here is a FREE printable camping word search for you.

Just add a pencil and tie up with ribbon.

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27 November, 2018 15:26

Whether you are camping in a tent or fancy motorhome, it really stinks when you head outside for an outdoor dinner and those pesky mosquitos start showing up. You can surely relate. This is a cool camping item that would make a great gift. The Enkeeo Mosquito Repellant and LED Lantern, all in one. You can find them on Amazon for under $20.00. #Helenarv #mosquitos #holidaygift #camping #tent #outdoors

23 November, 2018 17:47

Here is a great gift idea for the camping guy that has everything. Well, everything except Lynx Levelers. These make leveling a breeze and come with a 10 year warranty! Just don’t forget to register online. They also come in a handy carryall bag. Available at Helena RV!

17 November, 2018 13:32

Fall camping is the best! Chilly nights with cocoa and maybe a little something else in with it *wink, S’mores, hot Dutch oven dishes.

Did you know you can purchase a camper as low as $120 a month (O.A.C).

Terms are available up to 15 years! If you have been wishing and hoping,

come on in or you can apply securely online at

16 November, 2018 10:52

A special Thank You goes out to Potomac School for sending in a load of beautiful pictures and long letters to our service men and women. We will forward those today to "A Million Thanks" and they will get those delivered.