14 November, 2018 12:58

For the sake of interesting, check this out! If you are a tent camper, this doughnut tent is quite the invention. A cylinder style tent, that folds flat for easy transport, and placed right on top of your vehicle. How much you ask? We did some searching and couldn’t locate a price. Makes you wonder…


13 November, 2018 17:51

Protecting your Assets – Part 3 If your concerned that the thievery in today’s world will result in your trailer showing up missing, then consider a coupler lock. It only takes a few minutes to attach, once you have disconnected from the vehicle. For just $23.99, you can have peace of mind. A great Christmas gift and in stock at Helena RV.

13 November, 2018 17:34

Is your RV out of warranty?
There are a lot of resources out there today on the DIY topic of RV repair. However, it is more than nice to have that piece of mind and know that you have coverage when a major OOPS happens. If you are interested in extending your warranty life, call Lonna at 406-449-4599 for quotes or send a message. From tent trailers to motorhomes, we offer one of the best service contracts available with outstanding coverages. Term and deductible options to choose from. *RV’s must be 13 years and newer to qualify for service contracts. It can’t hurt to ask.

13 November, 2018 17:31

Got Questions?
If you have been thinking about a new camper but still have a lot of questions, we have good news. Questions don’t cost a thing, and answers are free too. We happen to have Adventure Guides who are happy to answer questions, free of charge. Don’t be shy, give us a call. 406-449-4599.

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